NAPA Net the Magazine Names Top 10 Defined Contribution Innovators

The National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA) names the defined contribution market’s top 10 innovators in the latest issue of NAPA Net the Magazine. These innovators have proven histories of substantial industry improvements and are in position to revolutionize the DC industry by initiating changes with a singular goal: to improve plan participants’ outcomes.

“Innovation differs from improvement in that it means doing something different rather than doing the same thing better,” says Fred Barstein, editor-in-chief of the magazine. These innovators represent various sectors including academics, plan sponsors, advisors, distributors, record keepers, DCIO’s and attorneys.

Barstein sat down with Shlomo Benartzi (UCLA), Bob Reynolds (Putnam), Walt Bettinger (Charles Schwab), Bob Guillocheau (Ascensus), Marcy Supovitz (NAPA), Larry Fink (BlackRock), Robin Diamonte and Kevin Hanney (United Technologies), Jerome Schlichter (Schlichter Bogard & Denton LLP), Bill Chetney (LPL Financial), and Fielding Miller (CapTrust) to hear their take on the road ahead and what they’re doing to create a system that works smarter, serves participants to a greater degree and adapts to an ever-changing market geography and client demands.

The featured thought leaders share their unique perspectives on the future and topics ranging from mobile technology developments and plan architecture creations to political and regulatory challenges.

“In the future, advisors who want to help plans and participants will have to become specialists, with a clear move away from commissioned-based products due to pressure from the government,” says Marcy Supovitz of Boulay Donnelly & Supovitz Consulting Group, Inc.

NAPA Net the Magazine launched in October 2013 to serve the fastest growing association in the history of the retirement industry by fulfilling NAPA’s obligation to influence decision makers in Washington and equip its membership with the essential information and insights needed to protect the future of America’s retirement system. The magazine’s second issue was mailed to NAPA members the week of Dec. 23; a PDF of the 60-page Winter 2013-14 issue is available on the NAPA Net website here.