Plan Consultant Magazine Releases Winter Issue; Protecting Your Retirement Egg

Plan Consultant Magazine Releases Winter Issue Protecting Your Retirement Egg Arlington, VA (January 17, 2014)–As the economy slowly recovers from recession, many retirement industry professionals are strategizing to improve financial security for their plan participants while attempting to maintain strong returns on investments. It’s a fine line to walk when balancing security and returns, and… Continue reading

403(b) Advisor Releases Winter Issue

The theme of the winter edition of 403(b) Advisor is this: It’s no longer sufficient for a successful 403(b) advisor to be simply a purveyor of retirement products. Or even just an expert on investments and financial markets. In order to cut through the clutter of financial advice that comes at us from the media, both mass and social, he or she must go into some unfamiliar, even surprising territory.

Washington Update: Fiscal Cliff 2

ASPPA CEO Brian Graff defines the issue and key players of “Fiscal Cliff 2″ and why the process will be a challenge to lawmakers and how it will all impact retirement professionals. Graff warns that things will heat up in Washington around the end of February, when the debt ceiling is reached, sequestration begins, and lawmakers begin looking for more revenue.